Our core values and principles that we are committed to; As individuals, as a business, and as a part of the community we live and work in.   


To make others feel valuable.

To make a difference by helping our clients understand their financial performance.

To make our communities more successful by increasing their business acumen.

When we cannot provide the answers, we will send you to someone who can.


We respond quickly in order to reduce your anxiety.

Our follow-up is thorough and efficient; we understand your time is important.

We are accessible and our goal is to provide peace-of-mind.

We want to create loyal customers, your trust is important to us.


When we ourselves are stable, we are less anxious.

Stability creates and assures loyalty in our customers and fosters repeat business.

Stability fosters familiarity and trust.

Stability creates confidence.

We have always been there for our clients, and always will be.

You are important to us and to our community!

Community and Service

We speak to these communities’ issues: the gay community, the central Ohio community and the business owners’ community. We are committed to acts of service, on both a personal and community minded level. When you do well, we all do well.